Sino-Russian Titanium Industry: Co-construction and Co-construction

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In September, the weather is pleasant, and the China-Russia Titanium Industry Summit Forum was held as scheduled at the Beijing New National Exhibition Center. The forum started in 2016. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade communicated the development and exchange of titanium industry. The two sides are willing to gradually become more consistent in the context of the big environment. Subsequently, the Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers met regularly at the Raw Materials Working Group Meeting of the Industrial Cooperation Subcommittee of the Commission. The two sides jointly researched and developed titanium alloy R&D and technical cooperation, and held regular international exchange meetings on titanium alloy applications to jointly study new applications of titanium metal. As a result, the Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Summit Forum was completed.

On September 17, the Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Summit Forum jointly sponsored by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Titanium Zirconium Branch and the Russian Titanium Industry Institute delivered information on cooperation, co-construction and integration, and opened two Sino-Russian Titanium countries. Work together in good faith to kick off.

Go out, please come in. After 70 years of research and development and production, the development of the world titanium industry has come to the present day. Although each has its own unique characteristics, the technological complement of "you have me, I have you" has become the mainstream. Yu Wei, deputy director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Gryashev Sergei Ibnovic, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vice President of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, and the vice president and secretary of the Titanium and Zirconium Branch Chang Jiaxuan, general manager of Bao Ti Group, Lei Rangqi, and All-Russian Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Angibov Radislav Valević, felt the "Chinese, Russian, and the Communists" Titanium industry development concept.

Innovative cooperation will jointly create a new era of Sino-Russian titanium industry development. Russia is a strong titanium country and China is a big titanium country. In the journey of becoming a big titanium country, the development of China's titanium technology is changing with each passing day. This time, the Titanium Power and Titanium Power Forum has moved from a theoretical level to a practical exploration. As Grishayev Sergei Ibnovic said, Sino-Russian cooperation is particularly important, and cooperation is further strengthened, which is beneficial to both. In-depth study of the national titanium alloy, deep development. Yu Wei said that he believes that the cooperation between the Chinese and Russian titanium industries is promoting and promoting the development of the titanium industry in both countries, and has entered a new era in the absorption and learning of each other.

The Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Summit Forum conveys a message ------ co-construction, co-construction and communion. China is a big country of titanium. Russia is a strong country with titanium. It has great advantages, strong and strong strength, and strong cooperation with the big ones can benefit each other. Jia Wei said that he believes that the cooperation platform between China and Russia to further leverage the complementary advantages of the titanium industry will certainly promote the joint cooperation between the two sides in the fields of aerospace, shipbuilding, marine, medical, chemical and other fields to expand the technology and application of titanium and titanium alloys. The vision of the development of titanium industry in the two countries will open up the space for technological upgrading of titanium enterprises, adding new impetus to the development and revitalization of the titanium industry in China and Russia.

Co-industry, joint construction, and communion. The Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Summit opened a new era of Sino-Russian titanium industry cooperation, ushered in a win-win era of deep research and development and deep cooperation in the titanium field, and wrote a new chapter in the development of Sino-Russian titanium industry.