Xu Qifang spoke highly of Baoti Group is courage to undertake important national tasks

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On the morning of September 11, Xu Qifang, deputy governor of Shaanxi Province and secretary of Baoji Municipal Party Committee, and Zhao Yan, director of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, visited Baoti. Bao Titan Group leaders Wang Wensheng, Lei Rangqi and Jia Shuoxiao accompanied Xu Qifang and his party to visit the titanium belt production line of Baoti Industrial Park.

At the site of the titanium belt production line, Xu Qifang and his party first watched the company's promotional film. Subsequently, under the introduction of the company's leaders, the company learned in detail the company's strong support from the provincial science and technology department, actively extended the industrial chain, innovative and enterprising, participated in the construction of national key projects, and vigorously developed high-end titanium alloys and high performance that are urgently needed for national and national defense construction. High-temperature alloys, experience in the innovation and development of new materials industry; and the company's comprehensive deepening reforms and innovative development model in the past year, under the guidance of the idea of “making refined military products and working as civilian products”, especially since the vigorous implementation of the 1+N reform, the overall Great changes in efficiency, production efficiency and enthusiasm for personnel.

After listening to the report, Xu Qifang spoke highly of the company's important tasks for the country over the years. At the same time, he fully affirmed the company's active promotion of 1+N reform and achievements; required enterprises to continuously strengthen technological innovation and explore old state-owned enterprises. In terms of talents, technology, equipment, and inheritance, we will vigorously promote the transformation of results, develop new materials, and promote the rapid advancement of the industry in the middle and high-end direction, making new contributions to China's aerospace and aviation industry. On behalf of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, Zhao Yan said that he will continue to provide good services, increase support, and promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of enterprises, and promote the scientific and technological progress of Shaanxi Province to a new level.